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RSVP Partner Close-Up : Cornerstones

Story and Photos by Rob Paine, RSVP-Northern Virginia “The reason I love RSVP volunteers is because you guys have the work ethic and you have the life experience and the understanding; you know that everything is not black and white, there is a lot of grey. You bring that welcomed experience and knowledge from not

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Happy Monday! Get a sneak peak of the RSVP NOVA December E-newsletter

We hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy December! This morning we would like to share a few minutes of RSVP volunteer specialist Carly Hubicki and RSVP’s Rob Paine talking about all the great events and opportunities RSVP has in store for current and future RSVP volunteers this month. You can listen to the audio

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Throwback Thursday : RSVP down on the Farm at Frying Pan

Story and Photos by Rob Paine, RSVP-Northern Virginia As we near the end of the month, we would like to take a final look at our successful November RSVP group service project and meet and greet at Frying Pan Farm, November 1, in Herndon. For information and to register for our next RSVP Monthly Group

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