New Hope Housing Needs Your Help

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Please note that all new volunteers must complete essential forms and attend volunteer training orientation.

Group Meal Provider

Volunteers will provide a nutritious meal for 25-52 shelter guests. A complete meal includes meat/protein, vegetables/salad, and starch. Drinks and dessert are optional but appreciated. We recommend that meals are prepared offsite and transported to the shelter. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before mealtime. Group Meal Providers are welcome to stay and serve their meal or simply drop-off.

Bagged Lunch Volunteer

Volunteers can sign up to provide bagged lunches for 30 or 50 guests. We ask that each bagged lunch consist of the following:

  • Sandwich (PB &J or turkey and cheese/ham and cheese NO CONDIMENTS)
  • A piece of fresh fruit
  • Chips (chips, pretzels, popcorn, etc.)
  • Drink (bottled water, juice)
  • Other non-perishable snacks (optional)

Movie Night Host

Volunteer to host an on-site movie night for our guests. Volunteers will create a fun and engaging environment for guests by selecting an appropriate film which can be streamed from a laptop. Volunteers will provide snacks (and drinks if you wish) for movie attendees.

Welcome Home Kit

At New Hope Housing, we try to ensure our residents have everything that they need to be successful in their new home. When residents exiting the shelter sign a lease, we provide welcome home kits to each of them containing necessities they need for their new home. Each welcome home kit includes the following:

  • Sheets, towel set, pillow, blanket, and shower curtain
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Pots, pans, dishes, and silverware
  • Toiletries
  • For a more detailed list, contact us.

We can only do this with the generous contributions from volunteers like you. This is a great project for both individuals and groups!

Bingo Night Host

Volunteers will lead bingo night for the residents. This opportunity can be done on-site or virtually. Volunteers are responsible for providing snacks and prizes for game participants. This activity is one of the most popular among our shelter guests.

Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals or Small Groups (2-3 People)

Coffee & Conversations

For this opportunity, volunteers get to know guests and residents through conversation and provide emotional support. We ask that volunteers be sure the conversation remains focused on appropriate subject matter.

Employment Assistant Volunteer

Volunteers will serve our guests by working with the Employment Case Manager at each of our shelters. Volunteers will assist our guests with their job search whether that is through resume review, mock interviews, employment best practices/tips, or job opening research. Although a volunteer is most effective when working on-site, there is the option to serve virtually.

Life Skills Instructor

This is an opportunity for volunteers to conduct workshops/activities to assist guests with such topics as finance/budgeting, communication, interpersonal conflict resolution, housekeeping, time management, healthy eating, stress management, etc. Volunteers choose a topic and create a plan for the session. We ask that prior to volunteering you inform the Volunteer Coordinator of your topic.

For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact RSVP Volunteer Specialist, Karen Coon, at

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