At CRi, It’s Not Too Early to Think about the Holidays

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CRi, Choice. Respect. independence. (formerly known as Community Residences, Inc.), is a community-based organization with a focused effort on providing people with developmental disabilities and/or mental health needs the resources, supports and services they need to live their lives with purpose, actively engaged in communities of their choosing. CRi’s mission fully supports a person’s ability to exercise control of their life’s choices, and to live in and contribute to communities of their choosing, as young adults through aging in place. CRi believes in serving individuals within the communities in which they live & supporting the individual’s choices and independence.

Give the gift of “cozy” this holiday season! For this year’s holiday gift for CRi individuals, the organization is soliciting community members make homemade no-sew fleece blankets. Many CRi individuals are sensitive to extreme temperatures, particularly the cold weather. Plus, in the winter time, there is nothing better than snuggling up with a warm blanket to watch a movie or the snow fall outside. Blankets are comforting and a way to make us feel safe. Homemade blankets are a great way to create something personalized that showcases that likes and personality of each individual.

For more information and instructions, contact Karen Coon, RSVP Volunteer Specialist, at

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