Many Emergency Response Opportunities Available at the Volunteer Reception Center in Alexandria

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After a major disaster or public health crisis, the City of Alexandria Emergency Operation Center (EOC) will call upon Volunteer Alexandria to stand up a Volunteer Reception Center. Upon notification, Volunteer Alexandria will activate staff and volunteer support to prepare the VRC for operation and volunteers will be dispatched to their assigned sites. In an emergency, the VRC will be a central location where staff and volunteers can efficiently process and refer spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers (SUVs) to organizations that need their services so that they can provide valuable assistance to communities in need, while alleviating the stress of first responders and emergency officials. 

Volunteer Alexandria needs to recruit and train 15-20 volunteers to serve as essential core leaders in a disaster at the VRC, a key component of Alexandria, Virginia’s Emergency Management System, as well as ambassadors within their communities promoting emergency preparedness. Their goal is to continue engagement throughout the year and offer scheduled activities and training to further strengthen the leads beginning in June 2022.

The roles needed are as follows:

Operations Section Chief – The Operations Section Chief assists the VRC Manager in managing VRC activities.

Planning Section Chief – The Planning Section Chief maintains all documentation related to VRC operations

Logistics Chief – The Logistics Chief is responsible for distributing and maintaining accountability of supplies, equipment,

and furnishings essential to VRC operations.

Intake Manager – The Intake Manager oversees the initial stages of volunteer reception and processing.

Greeter – The Greeter helps potential volunteers begin the registration process.

Register – The Register acts as a “Gate Keeper,” keeping volunteers from advancing to the interview stage unless

suitable for volunteering.

Demobilizer – The Demobilizer maintains accurate sign-out records for all SUVs. The Demobilizer and Register

positions may be given to the same person for staff efficiency.

Assignments Manager – The Assignments Manager keeps track of volunteer requests from the EOC and ensures requests are

filled as qualified volunteers become available.

Interviewer – The Interviewer determines the suitability of a volunteer for available job assignments.

Assigner – The Assigner places volunteers per the interviewer’s suggestion, provides each SUV with a wristband,

and maintains the Volunteer Task Board.

Deployment Manager – The Deployment Manager coordinates transportation or movement of volunteers to assigned job sites.

Safety Briefer – The Safety Briefer leads all safety briefings, provides information approved by the managing


Deployer – The Deployer ensures that all volunteers have completed all intake processing and understand the

location of their assigned job site.

Data Entry – The Data Entry is responsible for collecting all handwritten information, inputting it into the

appropriate database(s), and maintaining all VRC records and reports.

For more information or if you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Shannon at

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