RSVP’s July Group Service Project with CRi a Success: Hacking Back Invasives and Building a New Raised Garden Bed

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On Thursday, July 29th, six AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers gathered on a cloudy day in Arlington at one of CRi’s residential apartment buildings housing several of CRi’s clients.

CRi, which stands for Choice. Respect. Independence, formerly known as Community Residences, Inc., is a community-based organization focused on providing people with developmental disabilities and/or mental health needs the resources, support, and services they need to live their lives with purpose while actively engaged in communities of their choosing.

Donning gardening gloves and a vengeance, the volunteers wrestled out weeds, demolished some invasives, and hacked away at overgrowth.

AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer, Randy Blaustein, despite his claim of not being so handy, used some power tools and 2 X 4’s to build a raised garden bed for residents to enjoy.

The raised garden bed, with the help of a few residents, was filled in with mature tomato plants ready to bear fruit in just a few weeks.

Residents and CRi’s Volunteer Program Manager, Janet Davison planting tomatoes

CRi has multiple volunteer opportunities out there, from DIY crafts to volunteering in person. If you would like to volunteer with CRi, please reach out to RSVP Volunteer Specialist, Shannon White, at

Thank you to the volunteers for all the sweat, skinned knees, and dirt stuck underneath those fingernails. Your hard work helped beautify a home. Thank you for coming out for your community!

Thank you to the AmeriCorps Seniors Volunteers for coming out to serve your community!

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