RSVP-VSA Nominee: Sandra Baron

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RSVP is excited to announce another nominee for this year’s VSA: Sandra Baron.

Sandra has spent the last year volunteering with Cornerstones, Community of Faith UMC, CORE Foundation, and others.

Her work at Cornerstones spans multiple programs, including Embry Rucker Community Shelter, the Assistance Services and Pantry Program, Opportunity Neighborhood sites, our main offices, and Connections for Hope Partnership.

Sandra uses her professional skills, as well as her creative abilities to aid our organization and others.  Among projects she undertook are updating a valuable resource manual for our social work team; assisting in formatting materials for Cornerstones policy and procedure manual update; providing updated, more user-friendly forms for use at Embry Rucker Community Shelter; providing guidance on volunteer administration best practices for new Volunteer Coordinator; serving as Volunteer Coordinator at weekend events to allow staff much needed time off; and making blankets for Vets for Capital Caring and “snuffle mats” for animals at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.

She also helps with well-being checks and food deliveries to some of our most medically frail, shut-in clients as part of a joint effort by the CORE Foundation and Cornerstones.

Sandra epitomizes all that is cherished about AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer serving with RSVP-Northern Virginia.  She puts her valuable life experience and work skills to the test supporting her chosen organizations.  She brings wisdom and good humor to her every volunteer effort and she does so with unbridled enthusiasm.

According to Susan Alger, Director, Volunteer and Community Engagement, at Cornerstones: “Sandra is a force of nature, not easily deterred, even by a worldwide pandemic, from serving her community.  She switched to remote options when absolutely necessary, but joined us for lower risk outdoor activities as soon as they became available.  It was always a delight to see younger volunteers, a third her age, trying to up their game to keep pace with Sandra!  I know I can entrust her as a lead volunteer to look after the health and safety of others and represent Cornerstones in the best possible light.”

The dedication Sandra brings to the community is contagious. We thank her for her time and effort. Thank you for serving as an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer.

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