RSVP-VSA Nominee: Kristin Ramkey

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We are honored to have Kristin Ramkey as an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer serving with RSVP-Northern Virginia.

This past year she has given her time and effort to Volunteer Fairfax, Volunteers For Change (VFC), and PRS, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to providing behavioral health, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention services.

Kristen has supported the Admin Department at PRS, Inc. for nearly 6 years, contributing to PRS, INC.’s mission of providing behavioral health, crisis intervention and suicide prevention services in a variety of ways, but especially during the pandemic assisting with events and fundraisers, as well.

Kristin has also played a pivotal role in Volunteer Fairfax’ program Volunteers For Change. The VFC Program Manager, Kim Luckabaugh, raves saying Kristen, “is always available to help brainstorm and think through project needs and opportunities. With her many years spent supporting the Volunteers for Change program at Volunteer Fairfax, she has provided critical background understanding of programmatic details, ensuring all t’s are crossed and I’s are dotted no matter the need. Always the consummate professional, Kristin knows exactly where to step in and assist without even being directed. She has been an integral part of our organization for many years, and has given invaluable insight to ensure we are successful in every circumstance. Kristin has a huge desire to help and is always generous with her time and skills. She is a true treasure!”

Continuing on, Kim says that “the pandemic hasn’t stopped [Kristin’s] heart to serve others. During this entire time period, she has continued to visit the offices of PRS, Inc. to volunteer weekly, as she has done there for many years. Then when [VFC’s] major MLK Day weekend project, Valentine’s Challenge, came up, she jumped right in to come into our office (as we were in the middle of packing to move) to help us prepare kits for the public to pick up to handcraft the more than 10,000 cards for frontline healthcare workers and foster children.”

Lauren Padgett, PRS Manager of Volunteers and Events, happily stated “Kristin Ramkey has been a true gift to PRS since she started volunteering six years ago with the Resource Development Team. During COVID, Kristin continued to be an instrumental team member by coming into the office (following strict quarantine guidelines without complaint) to make sure her important role in Resource Development could continue. Kristin makes a difference in the lives of PRS staff, volunteers, and the individuals we serve because of her hard work, positive energy, and commitment to PRS. We are grateful to Kristin for her support and encouragement over the years, and we can’t imagine PRS without her!”

We thank Kristen for all the work she has done. She is to empowering her community and ensuring proper mental health services reach those in need. She is a reminder of the positive change that can come when people care. Thank you, Kristen.

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  1. Kristin is a gem! We so appreciate ALL her hard work ongoing. She has been a tried and true volunteer at Volunteer Fairfax for quite some time. Beyond the great work she does, we love the cheer she brings with her to the office weekly. We should call her the “Candy Queen” as she always makes sure our candy jar isn’t too low. We’ve missed seeing her this past year in person. A sincere THANK YOU to Kristin for being such a wonderful embodiment of making service an important part of your life.

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