RSVP Volunteer Service Award (VSA) Nominees!

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Presenting our first nominee for Volunteer Fairfax’s RSVP-VSA: Mike Mixon.

Mike has served 20+ hours a month throughout the pandemic. With the American Red Cross of the National Capital & Great Chesapeake Region (ARC), Mike volunteers with the child and youth preparedness program, emergency vehicle inspections, and online trainings.

Mike helps with the American Red Cross’ Pillowcase Project, where children in grades 3-5 learn about emergency preparedness and decorate a pillowcase and pack it with emergency supplies, and with “Prepare with Pedro,” a similar program for children in grades K-2. He participates in and has conducted higher-level trainings, such as for Government Operations Collaboration and International Humanitarian Law. Finally, he helps with emergency response vehicle readiness checks. Mike is always is willing to go above and beyond to make sure he is helping in the best way possible, and always signs up for trainings and special events.

It’s always a pleasure to see Mike at all the monthly RSVP Zoom meetings! We thank you for your dedication.

As does Ms. Laura Nichols from ARC: “Mike is an amazing volunteer! He is always willing to step up when we need him and has stayed at the forefront of the youth preparedness team in his willingness to venture into new technology for our virtual presentations. We are really grateful to have him on our team!”

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