Two Virtual Volunteer Opportunities with Insight Memory Care Center

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Since 1984, Insight Memory Care Center (IMCC) has been striving to help those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments achieve the highest quality of life. Through a nonprofit adult day health and resource center, individuals, their families, and caregivers are provided with specialized care, support, and education.

While COVID-19 has affected the ability for volunteers to help in-person, IMCC has two virtual opportunities. If you are interested in the roles below, please contact RSVP Volunteer Specialist, Shannon White, at

  • PowerPoint Aficionado
    • Assist in program prep for the IMCC Center. Help put together presentations each week on a certain topic, event, person, etc. Utilize appropriate fonts, designs, etc, so others can have access to program information. Familiarity with PowerPoint (Microsoft Office) is essential.
  • Virtual Performers
    • Create (at minimum) a 30-minute session.
      • Singers
      • Musicians
      • Artists
    • Holiday signing/instrumental performance are sought in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE.
    • Utilize Microsoft Teams for the virtual sessions. Volunteers should have access to some sort of microphone/audio enhancing devices to optimize the experience.

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