Calling All Volunteers who are Handy at Repairs & Remodeling

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Help make homes safer to those in need.

Indoor/Outdoor In-Person with COVID precautions

Rebuilding Together- AFF (Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church) is a non-profit organization that uses the talents of handy volunteers to make health and safety repairs at no charge for low-income individuals.

In 2019, 1,300 volunteers:

  • Gave 9,600 hours of service to:
    • 88 homes
    • 8 non-profit residential facilities
    • 3 community projects
  • Delivered $650,000 in market value through:
    • Labor
    • Materials
    • Contract services
  • From the low-income individuals Rebuilding Together-AFF helped:
    • 63% are living with disabilities
    • 89% extremely low-income to very low-income
    • 81% 62 years of age and older

Some of the ways volunteers make these homes and facilities safer are by:

  • Fire safety
    • Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Making sure there are fire extinguishers on the property
    • Cleaning out dryer vents
  • Fall prevention
    • Installing grab bars, ramps, stair rails, half steps.
  • Moisture control
    • Correcting roof leaks
    • Cleaning and fixing gutters and downspouts
    • Diverting water away from the house
    • Repairing plumbing leaks and exhaust fans to improve ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms

Those with plumbing and electrical skills are especially in need, but so are the jack-of-all-trades! Repairs are done all year long, so being able to withstand the weather may be necessary.

Volunteer will have to complete an online COVID safety training and follow strict Worksite Safety Protocols. To learn more about how to become involved with this opportunity contact volunteer specialist Shannon White at

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