Adopt-a-Home: Limited Contact Outdoor In-Person Service Project with Social Distancing

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Volunteer to serve people with developmental disabilities and mental health needs with CRi

Help Decorate Residents’ homes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, & the Holiday Season!

For the past 45 years, CRi (Choice. Respect. Independence) has provided resources to people with developmental disabilities and mental health needs, as well as services for at-risk youth who are homeless, precariously-housed, and/or aging out of foster care.

Through individualized, personalized support, day programs, and residential services, CRi has helped create a culture of empowerment. While COVID has affected many of CRi’s existing volunteer opportunities, new opportunities are being developed.

If you are interested in joining the Adopt-a-Home project described below, please contact volunteer specialist, Shannon White, at to learn more.


This service project does not allow any groups larger than 10. It takes place outdoors, and masks are mandatory.

The Adopt-a-Home project takes place at one of the CRi homes located across Fairfax County and the city of Arlington. Different duties revolve around yard maintenance, putting up outdoor holiday decoration, and even possibly hosting outdoor art projects is on the list.

Many of these residents haven’t been able to leave their homes since the start of the pandemic, because they are at high-risk. Bring joy to them through with a carved pumpkin, strings of lights, decorations. Spread joy this Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter Solstice.

Decorations can be homemade or purchased. The more you want to include, the better. Please make sure they are able to withstand the weather for the holiday month and are NOT specific to any religious celebration to respect the individual beliefs of the residents.

While volunteers are not allowed indoors, if the volunteer chooses to provide indoor decorations, these can be arranged to be given to staff to hang indoors at a later date.

We welcome you to bring your creative ideas!

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