Census Deadline Extended – 4 Reasons to Make Sure You are Counted

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Once every ten years, each and every individual in the United States of America is counted at the location the person lives.

So why is the Census so important?

  1. It determines how many representatives each state will receive to represent them in Congress.
    • There are 435 representatives in the House. Each state is assigned the number of representatives proportionate to their population. The minimum is one. When you or a group of people are not counted in the census, that community loses a voice.
  2. Hundreds of billions of federally funded dollars is dispersed across the country according to census counts.
    • If a specific area is undercounted, that community will not see the correct proportion of funds distributed to hospitals, fire departments, school lunch programs, and other critical programs and services. Completing the census is a community obligation.
  3. Businesses rely on census data too.
    • The United States is in a recession. Businesses are struggling to survive. Publicly available census data helps businesses understand more about their communities. Data can show areas best fit to open new stores, restaurants, factories, offices. Data will show what products and services business could offer. Data helps expand opportunity.
  4. The Census shows change.
    • Neighborhoods change. Some expand. Some contract. The census documents this. It helps governments know where to funnel their resources. Does this highly populated area have enough access to transportation? How many families will this community park serve? Census data helps determine population growth and trends, which can help elected and governmental officials build stronger, more resilient communities.

If you haven’t done so yet, or know of someone who hasn’t filled out their census form, go or share this link.

Online, phone, and mail options are available.

Make sure you make the count because you matter.

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