Technology Support For Seniors

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Free to low-cost internet service for Seniors and low-income individuals

Free to low-cost classes for Seniors to develop technological skills

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has brought many in-person volunteering experiences to a standstill, especially among RSVP’s 55 and over community. While many older adults have found ways to adapt to the new virtual reality, some have been facing challenges, be it through learning new technology or because of the economic impact the pandemic has created.

Senior Corps has released some sources of new information to help combat obstacles in accessing and utilizing technology to its full extent. Here, we have narrowed down a few of the options for you. Please understand that this is not an endorsement of any specific organization or company. We are simply trying to provide information that can help better connect people to information resources online in a world when becoming isolated is far easier than ever to occur.

To connect to the internet:

  • NDIA (National Digital Inclusion Alliance)
    • The NDIA understands that digital inclusion is often a privilege. Many can simply not afford the process. To combat this, they have created a list of organizations and service providers that offer free to low-cost (never above $20). Here’s how to find if you or someone else qualify for one of the programs.
      • Go to their website and scroll down to find the list of providers. Under each provider to find the name of the plan, the type of service, the cost of service, and who is eligible for the program.

For free to low-cost technological support classes

  • GFC Global
    • GFC Global provides free self-paced instructional videos ranging from essential computer skills, budgeting, career planning, life skills, etc. Click here to view all the different topics offered.
  • Senior Planet
    • Senior Planet’s classes are free and open to all 60+. Some tech classes cover social media and telemedicine. Health and fitness classes are available, as well as classes in Spanish. There’s an easy to reach national hotline for those needing help connecting. Call 920-666-1959 Monday through Fridays between the hours of 9:00 am-5:00 pm.
  • AARP
    • While not all resources on AARP are free to access, some webinars and other resources are free of charge to the public. You can access them here. Some notable titles include Sorting Fact from Fiction Online, Making Sense of Medicare, and Navigating the Job Market in Times of Uncertainty.

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