Why time sheets matter…

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The team at RSVP cannot thank our volunteers enough for completing and submitting your time sheets each month. Keeping track of the time and talents you contribute to our community is vital to our program.

From time to time we get questions about the time sheets and volunteers ask, why is reporting our hours so important?

RSVP staff member Tina Luebke has put together an informative and helpful list of frequently asked questions on filing time sheets.

Keeping track of the time and talents you contribute to our community is vital to the RSVP program.
  1. Why is filing my time sheet so important? –RSVP is a federally-funded program of the Corporation for National and Community Service. In order to remain in good standing with our grant we’re required to make regular reports on active volunteers.
  2. I don’t volunteer to get thanks, or mileage, why is it important for me to file time sheets? – We know that you volunteer out of generosity and compassion, not to get credit. It is only with federal funding that we can run RSVP and support your volunteerism. For that reason, it is critically important that everyone complete a timesheet. Please include your mileage if you track it, and the number of people you engage with – we report these figures to the CNCS.
  3. What is the deadline for filing time sheets? – The 10th of the following month.
  4. What happens when RSVP volunteers do not file time sheets? – When we don’t receive your timesheets, we can’t count them in our reports. If our numbers do not reach the required level we may lose good standing.

For more info please feel free to contact RSVP at 703-403-5360.

Please send your time sheets to rsvp@volunteerfairfax.org

Thank you for your help and for all your great volunteer work, your RSVP-Northern Virginia team.

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