August 2019 Fairfax Golden Gazette

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The newest Golden Gazette is out!

The Golden Gazette is published each month by the Fairfax County Adult and Aging Services. It is one of the most comprehensive publications in the area that covers events and topics seniors care about. 

This month’s edition includes a story on The Lions Club, tips on how to wrangle the ton of trash items from your house and an expanded helpful report on how to block unwanted phone calls. 

In addition to being informative, the Golden Gazette is also accessible. You can get free printed copies at you local Fairfax County library and or at your local county  senior center. You can also download PDFs of the Gazette at

To get a mail subscription to the Gazette please call 703–324–5633.

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Be sure to check out the ad in this month’s edition for the NVSO and RSVP.




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