“Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow,” Jim Kelly.

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If you did not see Jim Kelly’s moving speech last night during the ESPY awards on ABC, you should. Below is the video of the speech which is posted on YouTube.

Whether it’s “ask not what your country can do for you”  or “I have spoken of a thousand points of light,”  once in a while lightning is caught in a bottle and a difference maker so aptly, succinctly and passionately sums up the importance of volunteering and the dramatic impact that even one person can have by reaching out to another.

“Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow,” are words to live by and are genuine coming from Mr. Kelly,  who has had more than his share of challenges but continues to persevere, all the while helping and inspiring others.

“Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow,” Jim Kelly, July 18, 2018.

Whether it is driving a fellow senior to a medical appointment as a volunteer for one of our local Shepherd centers; making sure a neighbor “aging in place” receives  healthy meals each day through one of the local Meals on Wheels programs; helping neighbors down on their  luck get back on their feet via some of our great social nonprofits like New Hope Housing, UCM Alexandria, Cornerstones or Britepaths; if it’s bringing cheer and company to lonely residents at a nursing home like the the volunteers from  Volunteer Solutions’  Fairfax Pets on Wheels do every month or if it is  working with the any of the  other 30+ programs that RSVP NOVA is fortunate to partner with, we are very thankful for all the retired and senior volunteers who to borrow Mr. Kelly”s words  “are making a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow,” by sharing their experience, talents and energy every day.

Photo Courtesy of Fairfax Pets on Wheels

Keep up the great work! And for those 55 and better who have not become part of this senior volunteer  movement, please join us today!  RSVP can help you find your ideal opportunity to make a difference.

RSVP Northern Virginia is the largest senior and retired volunteer group in the region and is a program of Volunteer Fairfax, Volunteer  Arlington and Volunteer Alexandria.

To speak with our volunteer specialist, please call Carly at  703-403-5360.

More about RSVP Northern Virginia 

RSVP Northern Virginia, the largest volunteer group for seniors and retirees in the region,  offers more than 200 meaningful opportunities that include helping seniors age in place, assisting local veterans, and helping prepare communities for disasters. RSVP also recruits volunteers for various community events including the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics. 

RSVP volunteers enjoy flexible schedules, free accident and liability insurance while serving, optional mileage and meal reimbursement and are invited to volunteer group projects and social gatherings.

To sign up for an upcoming free RSVP seminar on senior volunteering please email RSVP Volunteer Specialist Carly Hubicki at chubicki@volunteerfairfax.org or call RSVP at 703-403-5360. To learn more about RSVP, please visit www.rsvpnova.org.  RSVP Northern  Virginia is program of Volunteer Fairfax,   Volunteer Arlington and Volunteer Alexandria.

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